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    Wuhan xiongYing Special Accoutrements Co.,Ltd  subject to enterprises directly under the original for the Ministry of Public Security,transformed into joint-stock companies in 1998.Since the early nineties according to the instructions and requirements under the ministry of Public Security,company began to research and develop professionally,to manufacture all kinds of holsters,bullet bag,arm band,armed with bags,tactical vests,special equipment and other police gear brace.Our company is fixed plant of the Ministry of Public Security police gear and also the domestic R&D,manufacturing police equipment with the industry's oldest professional company.The company provid various supporting gear of police weaponsand police apparatuses for whole chinese front-line police offers with more than 5 million sets(pieces) for many years.The company has formed individual soldier gear(military tactical vest,tec.),a singal police gear(multi-function belt and matching gear),holsters class,police folder bag,sleeping bag,tents,special equipment protective gear and otner 6 series and more than 500 variety,public security system products cover all kinds of police offcers,the annual production capacity of 1 million sets(pieces).

    Wuhan xiongYing Special Accoutrements Co.,Ltd  has 600 m2 production plant,products and offce of 500m2,more than 300 types of production equipments(sets),professional and technical personal 8 people,there are more than 20 species new products to face the market.

The company make sure customer satisfaction as the goal,we have passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification Center of China in 2001 and 2000 quality system certification."the quality of survival,technology and development,continuous improvement of products and services to meet the requirements of all care"the company always adhere to the purpose.Over the years the company has been working to improve and enhance the quality of product,from incoming raw materials to product out of the library there is professional quality control deparment to chect under the quality management system requirements,the leather materals of product is in the strict implementation of national standards and military standard(JSB84-93 loaded with vegetable tanned leather ),each component , finished product processing and storage  have strict technology standards,the quality of products are received favorable comment from front-line police officers nationwide security system all the time.

  In the aspect of  service,the company has a clear and practical service commitment,a complete management objectives and service program,across china nearly 50 sales and service points to maintain regular communication between companies and customers,ensure that the status of product during use can feedback rapidly,to meet and achieve the different needs of customers within the shortest time.

In the new period of police work development,Wuhan Xiongying company will closely follow the development of the National Police Equipment,more investments in technology,focus on the research and development of new protective gear and new equipment,effotts to improve adaptability,combat and security of each installation brace,to provide more and better products for the national public security police.

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